Jonathan Leger's 3WayLinks Review and Discount

3WayLinks, another of Jonathan Leger Products, helps in getting top rankings with the search engines. How? Well we know the Holy Grail of ranking well in Search engines is hyperlinks. Lots of hyperlinks. That’s an undisputed fact. The issue is that you can’t get just any type of hyperlinks. Search engines will only rank websites whose hyperlinks follow a really particular linking pattern.

Jonathan Leger spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on discovering exactly what linking pattern Search engines demands. The code is now cracked. His research has told him and now you  know what Search engines want, and he has automated the procedure of growing hyperlinks to your internet site following that pattern.

The result is his top-secret linking technologies that have already achieved a lot more than 2,360 page a single rankings in Search engines. The ranking websites are in each conceivable niche: from inexpensive health insurance to caring for bonsai trees to internet marketing advice to camping ideas. Select your keywords correct and you are able to break into any niche with this technologies.

How It Works

The program uses a technique of linking recognized as 3-way linking. Unlike the conventional one-way hyperlink, where only a single website advantages, with a 3-way hyperlink all three websites get what Search engines sees as a one-way hyperlink to their web website.

Within the old reciprocal hyperlink technique, website A linked to website B and website B linked back to website A. Search engines doesn’t value that type of hyperlink really much at all anymore. Search engines want to see one-way hyperlinks (or at least what it believes are one-way hyperlinks).

Jonathan Leger’s System Only Takes 10 Minutes

Jonathan’s new linking technologies is created to be “set it and forget it.” You will find only 3 steps needed to have your internet site started on the path to ranking in Search engines:

1. Add your domain name into your account with your chosen keywords.
2. Upload a PHP file to your internet site.
3. Hyperlink to the PHP file from your main home page.

(There’s also a WordPress plugin in case your internet site is really a WordPress blog.)

That’s all you’ve to do. The whole procedure takes less than 10 minutes. After that everything is automated. The program will begin spreading hyperlinks across the network automatically, performing 3-way hyperlink exchanges between your internet site and other websites within the network. You don’t need to touch it again!

This is a shorten explanation of  Jonathan Leger’s 3WayLinks.  To find out more about the program click on this link? 3WayLinks one of Jonathan Leger Products where he specific results from using his system.


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