Success in less than 24 hours?? You have to read this man!


Let me tell you a little story about Sherry Harris. Sherry is a real go-getter. She's worked in Corporate America as a Satellite Engineer and Project Manager for companies like Hughes Communications, DIRECTV, DIRECTV International, LowerMyBills, and Experian Interactive Media.

But she wasn't happy with that, so she decided to strike out on her own. Now she blogs about her passion, hair care, and has a long-term plan to start her own product line. Like I said -- a real go-getter.

Her blog,, is a fantastic example of how to make a site that screams authority! You can't look at it without thinking that she really knows her stuff.

The problem is that her site is only about a month old (though you'd never think that to look at it). That means in Google's eyes it doesn't have a lot of authority yet.

Another problem she had is that she wanted to network with other professionals in the industry she's breaking into, but she had no real idea of how to do that.

So when I sent out an email this past Wednesday promising to contact 25,000 website owners in her industry -- she seized the opportunity!

Before the day was over I'd setup her campaign. The first email was sent a little after midnight EST.

What kind of results do you think she would have in the first 24 hours? Well, I emailed her last night (20 hours after the campaign had begun).

Here's what she said:

Hey Jon,

It's been great! I'm working on 11 articles right now for different people and I have a telephone meeting setup for Monday with another salon owner.

One person liked the article so much she just sent out a blast email to several of her salon owner friends in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

This service is a real game changer. I've been procrastinating about reaching out to businesses to get a link. I think because I had a longing for the old days when you could crank out articles on a distribution service. However, those days are gone forever.

But, I must admit this is pretty easy and I'm meeting and talking to so many people.

You're doing the hard part. Contacting people. I only have to work with those who have raised their hand that they are interested in receiving an article from me.

My biggest concern is that your service might work too well!! I'm getting a lot of response.

Thanks so much!


Less than 24 hours later and Sherry is already contributing to ELEVEN SITES IN HER INDUSTRY and has already had an email blast sent out promoting one of her articles to even more professionals in her industry. In fact, she's doing so well that I had to cut her campaign speed in half so she can keep up with all of the people taking her up on her offer!

It's safe to say that Sherry is going places. She's one of those people that you can just tell is going to be exactly where she wants to be in three to five years. I have no doubt she'll be a name in her industry and have her own product line just like she's planned.

Do you know why I say that, though? It's because Sherry took action to make things happen for herself. She saw the opportunity, knew it was what she needed to do, and she did it.

Sitting on the fence will not make you a success. Wishing on a star is for children! Hoping and dreaming is wonderful -- but what are you doing to make your hopes and dreams come true?

Sherry took action to achieve her goals, and she's reaping the reward.

Does she recommend that you contact me so I can run a campaign for your business, too? When I asked her if I could use her success in this email, here's what she said:

Yes, please use my comments as this service is HIGHLY recommended!!

Thanks so much,


Now, this campaign costs some money -- you can expect to pay about $1,000 for it. Sherry didn't even blink at that, though. She knew the value she was getting in return for that investment into her business.

Look at what she's accomplished after only a few hundred emails have gone out in the first 20 hours! Imagine where she's going to be when that number reaches 25,000...

Better yet, imagine where YOU will be once you do the same!

If you're ready to kick your business into high gear, then you need to reply to this email and tell me:

What business you're in (including your domain name(s)).
What your goals are.
What you would hope to gain by contacting 25,000 website owners in your industry.
Whether you're a current member of

Let's talk so I can duplicate Sherry's success for YOUR business.

Here's to your success!

Jonathan Leger