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No, the subject line of this post is not a trick. I'm not trying to sell you something. I'm not trying to give you something free that has an offer at the end of it. Nothing like that.

I really am looking for good quality sites that I and my hand-picked staff writers can work with. I want to create content that is not only factually and grammatically correct, but also engaging and interesting for your web sites -- at no cost to you.

All I ask in return is a single link from your site, either in an 'About the Author' section of the content we create or in some other mutually agreed upon location of your site.

Why am I doing this? I told you yesterday that I've been using ContactScraper to create a wealth of backlinks to my in-house SEO projects. It's been wildly successful and I'm very happy about it. But it dawned on me today that I already have a massive visitors with great websites that could probably use the kind of ultra high quality content being created for people that aren't my customers and haven't opted into my email list!

That means you, :)

So if you'd like my team to take a look at your site (or sites) and see if we can mutually benefit each other, just create a free account at ContactScraper and click the "Free Content" menu item.

From there you can submit as many sites as you want. We'll take a look at them and be in touch if we could use them for any of our in-house SEO projects, in exchange for some incredible content for your site.

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